I am at the early stages of being a self-published children’s author. This is me and my son Luca at 2.5. He has just put me to bed and given me a goodnight kiss and his ‘blankie’. These are the precious moments that make everything worth it.

I really love reading with my son Luca and the experience changes so much from book to book and as he ages. We return time and time again to some of our favourite books, and often it is the simple ones we love the most. I love interacting with Luca as I read to him and I really enjoy stories that draw me in emotionally or make me laugh. No matter how engaging the story though, I know the illustrations are hugely important and I am working with a few different illustrators in order to ensure the reader has the best experience from each story.

I plan to share my journey with you including any information and links and tips that I come across as I go. Encouragement and constructive criticism is welcome.

I am in this for the long haul as I really love writing and expressing myself creatively in other ways when I can.

Thanks for stopping by,

Anna x